Show Notes

The Striped Tee



Striped tees are a staple in every good, southern mama’s closet. Right? It’s pretty obvious we love stripes around here (happy stripe, anyone?!), and on the rare occasion that I muster up the courage to pack up all three kids and head to the mall, I usually end up with a new striped tee in my closet. From Banana. Of course. 


Anything that makes its way into my closet has to be comfy, with a bit of structure, and able to withstand a lot of of wash wear due to all the sticky little PB & J hands and smashed peas that inevitably end up all over me. I recently picked up this one from Banana and have been wearing it over and over again (it’s almost sold out, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to snag your size in store!). If you can’t find your size, I’ve linked a few of my other favorites below. Just scroll through and click the photos to shop the post! Happy weekend, friends! 

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