Simple Snacks for the School Year
Simple Snacks for the School Year
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Hi, friends! As we gear up for the school year and head into the fall season, I always create a good list of go-to snacks and meals to keep on hand. This switches it up and gives me ideas when I feel like we're in a repetitive rut. It's important to me that I'm not only prepared, but keeping healthy options at the ready. With young kids, I'm happy to introduce them to different foods we might not normally think younger eaters like. If they don't like it, that's a-okay – I'm just so glad they were willing to try something new! 

Whether you have little ones or not, these simple snacks are easy to pack for work, school, practice, or simply to have in the house. To keep your own list of go-to meals, print our Free Printable and keep it close by for meal planning. 

Simple Snack Combinations: 

  • Celery + Cream Cheese
  • Peppers + Ranch 
  • Carrots + Hummus 
  • Turkey + Cheese (roll up) 
  • Apples + Almond butter 
  • Cheese Stick + Salami 
  • Almonds + Chocolate Chips 
  • Yogurt + Granola
  • Grapes + Cheese cubes
  • Hard boiled egg + Avocado slices
  • Olives + Feta
  • Banana + Peanut butter
  • Cucumber slices + Italian dressing
  • Strawberries + Blueberries 
  • Pretzels + Fiesta Dip 


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