Simple, Fun Ideas for Summer
Simple, Fun Ideas for Summer
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Hi, friends! Happy May! We are delighted to welcome summer for a few wonderful months of sunshine and downtime. With slower days and longer evenings, there is more time to enjoy fun with family and friends! Before summer really starts, we suggest sitting down to plan how you will make time and space for what matters most to you this season. 

Create a list of activities, places to go, or even relaxing days-of-nothing. This will give you ideas for when you have time to explore but no time to worry about what exactly to do. Carve out the time in your Simplified Planner to ensure you enjoy summer fun this year! Team Simplified shared a few things on each of their lists to give you some inspiration. 

Simple, Fun Ideas for Summer: 

  • Plant flowers and watch them grow – doesn't have to be a huge garden! 
  • Eat a snack dinner on the back porch
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Host a family game night 
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Read a book – enjoy the quiet time! 
  • Walk an extra mile on your route
  • Play in the sprinkler 
  • Take pictures with a disposable camera 
  • Write kind words and encouragement with chalk around the neighborhood
  • Challenge friends to a backyard wiffle ball or soccer tournament 
  • Wake up for the sunrise – bake cinnamon rolls too! 
  • Watch the sunset
  • Pack a picnic for the park
  • Go through magazines for new inspiration 
  • Try a new recipe – implement a different dinner in your routine! 
  • Unfollow negativity on Instagram 
  • Make lemonade and look for shapes in the clouds
  • Enjoy a movie day inside 
  • Go on a bike ride 
  • Morning yoga at home – search for a free online video and enjoy! 
  • Participate in a random act of kindness 
  • Create a happy playlist
  • Play with bubbles
  • Hike a trail – collect wild flowers along the way! 
P.S. There is no failing if you don’t get to everything on your list. Simply enjoy the time you have. Kids can be independently creative. You can rest! Give yourself the grace to refresh how you wish!
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