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an update

The response to even a few glimpses of our Simplified Planners has been OVERWHELMING. Enormously overwhelming. So overwhelming that I am still convinced IN MY GUT that they’re not ready to be released.

This whole planner is built on this other gut feeling of mine… that women, like me, who are BUSY — who are trying to DO. IT. ALL — need something that is customized. They need to be able to build a planner that fits their lives, their families, their priorities. Because, if you’re like me, your planner isn’t just a calendar. It’s a CATCH ALL. The idea behind the binder system came to me when I was getting married. I bought a white three ring binder from Target and filled it with dividers, tabs and a whole lot of other stuff. Everything from contracts to tear-sheets from my favorite magazines to receipts and scribbled ideas was stored in that little binder. In short, it was my wedding life-line. The Simplified Planner is just like that… but for everyday life.

I decided two things about last year’s planners when I started planning for the Simplified Planner 2.0: 1) I wasn’t excited about last years. It was super cute but not durable enough. While the monogram was cute, the personalization process took too long to get them out the door to our excited customers. 2) I needed to follow my gut about this binder system. This works for me. I’ve been using my Simplified Planner (the 2.0 version) for a while now and it’s FANTASTIC. The binder is heavy duty with super cute gold corner protectors (I can throw that puppy in a diaper bag or my cute monogrammed tote and head out the door! It’s super durable). The pages are simple, clean and easy to use. Mine is a catch-all for everything from receipts, to paint swatches, to my calendar, to details for a Bachelorette Party I’m planning, Brady’s next birthday party (oh yes, we’re already gathering ideas!), business plans and recipes for easy weeknight dinners (each project I’m working on right now gets its own tab!)

Last year’s release was EXCITING, enormous, overwhelming and a little crazy. It was a great first run. But this year, I want to get it right — out of the gate. So we’re delaying our release for a bit. I’m so humbled that you’re all so excited about the Simplified Planner. As excited as I am!! But I want to take the time to perfect the little details before we release it to the world. Because I’ve been using this system for a while now, to get first hand experience at what works and doesn’t work for a busy woman, I’ve been able to tweak and edit the details along the way. We’re almost there, but not quite.

So now, the burning question… when will it be available: SOON. We’ll release the planner this Fall for sure. Will it be in September or November? Not sure yet. It all depends on how long it takes to make this the most fantastic, useful, simple and purposeful LIFE planner out there. We’re close. : )

Thanks, friends for all your support. We’re growing like crazy over here and it humbles my heart to know we have so many great cheerleaders rooting us on.




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