Show Notes

Its 3pm and I’ve yet to change out of my pajamas. My hair’s on top of my head and I have no make up on. Brady’s asleep and my kitchen is a disaster.

But I made freshly juiced apple-carrot-spinach juice to go with Brady’s whole grain waffle this morning. I am finally caught up on all pop up shop Etsy orders (out the door!). The ELP Simplified Planners are all shipping on Monday thanks to my dear friend Whitney English over at English Paper Company! They printed our new Simplified Planners and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out! Also, one gorgeous pricing guide was designed for ever fabulous MBH client, Mrs Courtney Dox. One cute little boy’s first birthday party prep is almost complete. And tonight I have grown-up dinner plans with three long-lost friends I haven’t seen in DECADES (or weeks, but I miss them!) where you order your dinner on iPads! Yes, please!

Grace not perfection, friends! : ) The kitchen can wait but for now, this girl needs a shower!

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