Show Notes

Little B! I miss you so much bubba! Leaving B on Monday morning was so sad (the photo on the left was right before I walked out the door. I love the funny faces he makes). I woke him up early and held him a bit and talked to him about where Mommy was going. When Ms. Kara came over to stay with him a few minutes later, I kissed him goodbye and held my crocodile tears in. I said “Bye, bye, B!” when I got to the door. And when I turned around he was smiling ear-to-ear and waving just as hard as he could. Almost as if to say “Bye, bye, Mama! Go do your good work and I’ll see you in ten days!” You’re such a smart boy, sweet B.

I finished reading the book Rework on the plane to Chapel Hill and was SO EXCITED to finally see Lara and meet Baby Grace (who I haven’t put down since I got here. She is SO SWEET and so happy. Just like B – big happy smiles all the time. I might take her home with me. Don’t tell Lara.) This is Lara and I in her office being silly and so happy to see each other. Gina arrived later that night.

Making Things Happen Chapel Hill was AMAZING. It was an enormous group – 30 people to be exact. But those new friends BROUGHT IT. It was remarkable. I’m so excited to know each and every one of them. I can’t wait for Atlanta tomorrow and DC, NYC and Boston in a few days. I’ve never been to DC and Boston before, so it should be fun!!

Lara and I are loving being able to work in the same ROOM right now! We talk to each other every ten minutes normally and it’s so funny to be able to look across her (gorgeous) white dining room table and have a conversation rather than emailing or calling her! Now I’m just trying to figure out a way to get both of us to move to our hometown (Pensacola, Florida) so we can have a little shared studio space down on the water. Yes, please.

We’ve just announced lots of new things: the new Making Brands Happen website (thanks, Cathy!!), the Summer Making Brands Happen Webinar Series and MBH Power Sessions!! We only have four client spots left for 2012, so send us a note if you’re interested! Speaking of our amazing clients. I just had to post this gorgeous new image of our client and friend, Amber Housley’s new collateral. It’s just so much fun! These colors make me so happy! Amber is actually bringing her Amber Housley Inspired conference to Tampa later this month! Read more details here.

The Stationery Simplified E-book and Coaching sessions have been such a great success. I am only taking two sessions per month and am now booking for July of this year. Read more details here and send me a note to reserve a spot.

Ahhhh, I cannot wait to get home and squeeze my little B. I miss him and his daddy so much : ) It’s nice to get away, though, I must admit… and clear my head, refocus my priorities and take care of myself. I’ll be so glad to go home with a full tank : )



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