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Thirty years ago, I was half a year into my first year of school. Mrs. Pearson was my teacher and I blame her for the way I see days-of-the-week and months-of-the-year in individual colors (Wednesdays are yellow, in case you’re wondering). Twenty years ago, I was about to get my learners permit. I had to fake the eye exam because my vision has always been less than stellar. Don’t worry, I see much better now. Ten years ago, I was four days engaged to the funniest, most handsome man I know, anticipating an October wedding.

With each decade I anticipated so much ahead. I was just days, weeks, or months away from newness, freedom, and adventure. Tomorrow, I’ll turn thirty five. And to mark my three and a half decades, I don’t anticipate too much. Rather, I’m so hopeful for what IS. I’m now a married mom of three. The last decade held more change, growth, and transition than I can even write in this little space. Big stories and tiny moments of change and everlasting commitments made.

I hope on the eve of my forty fifth birthday, I feel the same sense of calmness and clarity. My prayer for these next ten years is that I’m able to live simply and slowly enough to savor the good stuff. There will be a lot of it over this next decade. In ten years, Brady will be seventeen. Tyler and Caroline will be thirteen. Bryan and I will be married twenty years. So much to nurture and love and care for. I better slow down or I’ll miss something.

Also, writing from my iPhone is my new favorite. I miss writing. Think I’ll write another book. ; )



Thanks Gina Zeidler for this beautiful photo

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