Show Notes

I’m so excited that our last tour for Making Things Happen begins on Monday. It’s bittersweet – I’m excited that MTH will begin in a new format in the Spring (one that will allow the three of us to spend more time with our families) but I’ll also miss trecking all over the country with Lara and Gina on one of the greatest adventures of our lives – meeting people ready to make enormous things happen. These people have inspired me for five years now to focus on what matters most. I without a doubt would not be here without them.

To celebrate our last tour and 600+ amazing MTH alums, I’ve created free iPhone wallpapers! Some are inspirational, some are just plain pretty. Download them below by clicking the link from your phone and applying as your wallpaper OR save them to your desktop then email them to your iPhone. Viola! Just a little something pretty to celebrate the start of another amazing adventure. Follow along here on the blog or at (or on Instagram — we’re all addicted — I’m @EmilyLey) as we head to Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta all in ten days.

Tonight is the rehearsal for one of my favorite people in the world’s wedding. I love you, Carrie, and I can’t wait to stand next to you tomorrow!!



PS: If you haven’t gotten your pretty, personalized iPhone case yet, swing by our shop!!

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