Show Notes

One of the best ways to simplify and strengthen your busy day-to-day is by building a TEAM for yourself.

My type-A personality tends to let me believe I can do it ALL by myself sometimes. But I wouldn’t survive without Team Emily. I realize that sounds a little on the self-absorbed side. But I say Team Emily and not Team Ley Family or Team Brady because we’re each responsible for building up that support group around us to help us through our day to day. Our team might include family, friends, staff, nannies, neighbors, baby-sitters, house cleaning services (no really, they’re part of my team). This is one of the things we work through during the Making Things Happen intensive (our Spring tour is nearing sold out! Join us!)

Today I was watching Kara with Brady. (Ms. Kara is Brady’s girlfriend friend three days a week while I work). She’s so gentle and kind and creative and loving with him. She loves him like I do. And I thought to myself… thank goodness I have her on my team. She inspired this post : )

Who is on your team? For me, it’s my husband first and foremost. He makes me laugh like no one else. He encourages me and drives me nuts challenges me. But his ability to find humor in just about everything is so amazing. My mom and dad are on my team. My girlfriends are on my team. I wouldn’t survive without them checking in, scheduling Friday play dates, sending sweet texts and Hey-Tell messages (Hey-Tell is awesome). Kara is on my team and thank goodness for her. Marissa and Nicole are on my team (stay tuned for a formal introduction to Nicole soon!) and keep my businesses going all week long.

And the truth of the matter is, I pay some of those people to be on my team. I have my house cleaned twice a month. Some of the best money I spend thankyouverymuch.

The truth is, no matter how they get on your team – it really does take a village. So build your team. Let others help you – whatever your journey may include… allow yourself a team of amazing people to cheer you on and help you along the way. I’m so blessed and thankful for mine.

On that note, thank them often. To my “team”: you guys are amazing. Thank you so much for being in my corner.



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