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2012 is off to a WONDERFUL start. Day One of my new goals went great. We spent the day with our good friends McKay Pittman of Oatmeal Lace Design, her husband and baby boy Beckett (love him!!) You can never go wrong with a day started with a 3.5  mile walk in the sunshine + good wine + yummy food grilled on the Big Green Egg.

I started this post last year – my must haves – and never finished it. So voila! And so goes life with an almost-one-year-old (WHAT?!) To start – a Christmas gift from my sweet husband: pineapple keychain from Tiffanys (for our new car keys!! We bought a 2012 Black Explorer a few weeks ago.

Next, my Keurig. I wouldn’t survive without this thing. In the early mama days, I would take 22 seconds to heat a bottle + 22 seconds to make a cup of coffee, rush it all into our bedroom, switch on Good Morning America, open the doors to our backyard/pool and snuggle up with my little man. There is no greater morning than that.

Next, a gift I gave and am now coveting — Kate Spade’s “Flying Colors” bracelet. I may own one of these by the end of the day : ) It’s so cute, goes with everything and says “Flying Colors” inside. Listen, when you’re a mama who barely has time to brush her hair into a pony tail and throw on some flip flops, a nice little bracelet goes a long way for “tying it all together.”

These next three define my every day. When I was pregnant I  (drank caffeine! gasp! Don’t worry… doctor okayed it!) enjoyed a nonfat iced latte almost everyday. It was the only thing that got me over the perpetual morning sickness hump (until 36 week, no fun). I still have a big love for them.

If you see me during the week, you’ll find me 95% of the time wearing dark skinny jeans from Ann Taylor LOFT or jeggings (yes, jeggings!) from Target. I love these. They’re so comfortable. I can crawl on the floor, sit at my computer and tote an almost-thirty-pound-linebacker around in these and still look somewhat put together. Please note that this model is wearing four inch heels. I, however, do not. : ) In fact, I’m not sure I remember how to walk in those.

I love these V-neck fitted tees from Target. I have about 25 of them. No lie. In every color. They have a cute little pocket and are just fitted/loose enough to be cute/comfy.

If you have a child, you love Sophie the Giraffe.  Some genius created a rubber squeaky giraffe, marked it up to $22 and made it a NECESSITY for babies. We’re on our second Sophie and do own a back-up.

One of my friends gave me one of these stacking snack holders as a shower gift before Brady was born. Now that he’s eating “regular food” this is my prized possession. We put blueberries, peas, cheerios, yogurt melts and broken up arrowroot cookies in it for easy snacking on the go. GENIUS. The pieces come apart to allow you to get to each snack.

Lastly, my iPhone. I would lose my mind without it. Granted, I’ve moved my “planner” from iCal to my 2012 Simplified Planner (20% off ends tonight!) but I still use my iPhone for email and other important things like TMZ and Facebook : ) I love my personalized cover – right now mine is white/beige with a pink monogram but I designed my Mom one identical to the one above and am thinking about making the switch.

And there you have it! Two days into my “blog every day” goal and we’re two for two!! I wouldn’t survive without the items above (well, about 90% of them – the other ten percent are just plain cool). What are your MUST HAVES for 2012? Do share!

Hope you’re having a wonderful 2012!!



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