Show Notes

Those of you who know my whole story know that Making Things Happen was an INTEGRAL part of my getting started as a designer. It was the spark that lit the fire in me to create all of this.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be part of MTH. How grateful I am to this community of HUNDREDS of men and women who are making ENORMOUS things happen. Enormous. From quitting day jobs to pursue their passions as real, legitimate, income-providing jobs to creating balance in their lives for their families to finding focus within themselves…. MTH is touching nations.

You might laugh to read that sentence but its true. I received an email yesterday from a sweet, sweet woman in South Africa – who’d been following the MTH Tumblr for years and was making good, positive change in her community with a small group of friends who gather together to feel the fear and do it anyways.


Honestly, I was floored and honored and so excited to receive that note. MTH is groundbreaking. Anyone who has experienced it can tell you that. There’s no secret magic trick or fireworks that happen during that intensive. In fact, it’s super casual – we all sit in a circle with no big decorations or fancy itinerary or guest speakers. You do the talking. And we participate with you. We answer big questions. We get real. We get rid of all the fluff so that you can get focused on whatever it is that matters most.

The thought of traveling in general makes my heart sink. I hate leaving Brady. But there’s not one ounce of my heart that sinks when I think of traveling for MTH. I know what it does for me every time I do these tours. Raleigh will be my fourteenth intensive. And every one is brand new. I’m sure I”ll shed a tear or seventy five when I kiss him goodbye to go away for ten days each time, but I’ll be a better mama every time when I come back.

I hope you’ll join Lara, Gina, Natalie and I in October and May for TEN MORE CITIES!!

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