Meaningful Morning Routines
Meaningful Morning Routines
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Hi, friends! What are your necessities for a successful morning? These might look different for everyone. Have you noticed anything that sets the day off on the wrong foot? Let's eliminate that step. Is there something important you "don't have time for" in the morning? Let's evaluate our time and set a plan to incorporate that detail. A meaningful morning routine could make the positive difference in your whole day. Each morning is a fresh start for a brand new day, and we want to help you set yourself up for success in the morning to prepare yourself for a wonderful day.

Maybe you can't sit down to enjoy your cup of coffee at home, that's okay – how can it be more enjoyable in the car on the way to work? Find a podcast or audiobook to listen to while sipping your coffee! This is a simple way to slow down and make just a few minutes of your morning more meaningful to you. Create a checklist for your morning so you can stop stressing without forgetting a crucial step. We went ahead and made an example checklist of morning steps that are important to Team Simplified. Feel free to use this one or customize your own! 

A Meaningful Morning Routine: 

  1. Wake up a little bit earlier 
  2. Implement your skincare routine
  3. Enjoy the drink of your choice – water with lemon, tea, coffee
  4. Start a load of laundry and/or dishes 
  5. Practice gratitude 
  6. Tidy your space for a successful evening 
  7. Set your intentions for the day
  8. Write down your to-do list 
  9. Check the schedule in your Simplified Planner 
  10. Start accomplishing your day! 
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