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I am so unbelievably EXCITED that we’ve just announced the 2012 Making Things Happen tours! For the past three years, the MTH intensives have completely sold out. This year, we’ve extended the tour to include more cities on both coasts and will be adding two additional west coast cities soon. Each location is near a major airport – very easy to access.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. Making Things Happen was a catalyst for my business. For me, really. A lot of times people are curious about MTH and ask me “Do I need to own a wedding business… do I need to own ANY business to go?”

Absolutely not.

Making Things Happen is about just that. Making big things happen for yourself. Whether that be for your business, your family or just you. It’s about relinquishing fear and harnessing passion – even when you may not be able to pinpoint what that number one passion is. Natalie said it best… these intensives make the biggest difference in our lives when we’re the most confused, the most overwhelmed and struggling the most. That’s when it’s time to take control, clarify why we do what we do and MOVE forward.

I’ve been part of eleven intensives and Raleigh will be my twelfth. Each time I’ve left stronger than ever, ready to make big, bold, positive things happen.

And so, at the very heart of it… that’s what Making Things Happen is about… it’s about taking ownership of your life, of your dreams and MAKING them happen. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be running two booming businesses from a (pretty cute if I may say so myself) home studio while my precious baby boy sleeps in the next room… doing work that truly fires me up during hours that support my most precious and important priorities… I would have laughed.

I’m supposed to wear a skirt suit to work? I’m supposed to complain about my job/boss/coworkers. I’m supposed to work at the same place for 30 years, accept my 3% raise and retire when I’m 62.5. I’m supposed to work 8-5 five days a week. RIGHT?


Says who. That’s been my motto since I started taking control of my “everyday” and making things happen. Who says I can’t take Fridays off every week to be a “stay at home mom” for a day? Who says I can’t work in my favorite jeggings (don’t laugh) with my hair on top of my head. Who says I can’t LOVE what I do and make a great living out of it? Who says I can’t live my “ideal” day every day. Who says I have to be complacent and ACCEPT life as it is. Who says I can’t be/give/serve/experience/love MORE.

No one says. The only person holding you back… is you.

Make it happen. Join us in one of the cities listed above. Space is limited. I personally guarantee you will not regret it. Have questions/thoughts/doubts? Need a little encouragement? Email me directly:

I. am. so. excited. to meet SO many people who have registered over the past few days.

Life is too short to play small.



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