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It’s been a long time since I wrote from my bed :). I have laundry at the foot of my bed waiting to be put away and the second half of Harry Pottery: the Sorcerer’s Stone, paused, but waiting to be played (another day) on the TV in front of me.

Lately, I’ve written so much for books, I haven’t written much here. Writing is my first love, though, so I’m easily drawn back in when the time and thoughts present themselves. Tonight, I snuggled my biggest and watched Harry Potter. I’ve never actually seen any of the movies (or read any of the books) because they were born right around the time my marriage  and children were being born.

So here we are, ten years after the rest of the world fell in love with Harry. And I’m falling in love with him at the same time as my oldest. It’s so much fun. We read about half of the first book before we gave into temptation and watched (the first half of) the movie. Before we knew it it was 10pm and way past time bedtime. But who cares. It was such a sweet evening.

Today was one of those rare (!)  diamond days in the busy life of a family of five. It was slow, sweet, and happy. No one threw a toddler tantrum. No one climbed out of their crib (bless). No one had any appointments or practices. There was morning camp, lunch, nap time, swimming, Friday pizza, from-scratch peanut butter cookies, The Wizard of Oz, stories on the floor, prayers, and bed. It was glorious. Not to mention Nana is here visiting.

I’ve been reading Simplicity Parenting lately and its rocked my world. It speaks straight into my “simplicity desiring” heart and right to my mama brain. The author promotes a less-is-more mentality – in terms of parenting little ones. And so, I thought I’d share our less-is-more focus these days:

I just had this moment today, when it occurred to me to write this “less is more” mantra… I was sitting outside watching the kids play in the pool with my mom. And some pop song was on the radio. Instinctively, I hit play on some Beach Boy’s song. And instantly the mood was right. It was sweet and slow and easy and sunny. It just made me take a good long breath. I love moments like those. It was a testament to the fact that “less is more” doesn’t always mean “less stuff.” It sometimes mean dialing it down, pairing it back, reigning it in, stripping away some layers, eliminating some extra, turning down some noise… so you can hear the good stuff playing right in front of you.

I think I’ll keep adding to this less is more mantra. Think of anything I could add? Leave me a note on Insta.



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