Introducing Simplified's Spring Shirt Collection
Introducing Simplified's Spring Shirt Collection
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Hi, friends! We're so excited about Simplified's newest apparel! This is such a fun collection of bright and bold pieces for any spring wardrobe. These tees are adorable with leggings and sneakers or a sweater and jeans – whichever look you love best! Whitney and Jessa have been working on this collection for quite some time now, so we asked them to share a few details behind the designs. 

A note from Design Squad: 

The Simplified apparel is such a special creative outlet for us to play with extended color palettes and designs, while still staying true to our brand. These shirts allow us to put our own spin on cute, trendy styles! For example, "Keep Your Eyes On Eternity" has three repetitive lines, but it's still our monochromatic tone. You may not see some of the same lettering, like "Girl Power" or "Bee Kind," on a Signature Simplified product, but that's what makes these collections so fun! 

Honey the Bee needed a few designs, so we thought this spring collection was the perfect time for her shirt debut. We're proud that our sweet bee icon represents the hive mentality of the Simplified Sisterhood. This community is always there for one another, working toward a common goal, diligently, thoughtfully, and carefully managing all that we hold dear. 

The sunshine design is a nod to Emily's love for sunrises. On Instagram, Emily often posts images of the sunrise over the water, where she reminds us that, once again, God has brought the sun up. He continues to give us a fresh start every day. Our intention is that you'll find peace in this bright, hopeful shirt. 

We hope you enjoy these nine beauties as much as we do, and can't wait to see you wearing sunshine, kindness, and community all over the world! 


Design Squad 💕

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