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I am SO excited to introduce Nicole Yang, EL’s new Assistant Creative Director! Nicole is an amazing designer and all around sweet Southern gal. Many of you may know her from the other hat she wears as Art Director at Southern Weddings Magazine! As EL’s new Assistant Creative Director, Nicole will be working with me in the areas of product design, collateral design and helping me to build a wonderful experience for our new e-shop customers! Nicole may pop in on the blog here from time to time also! So, grab a cup of coffee and get to know her! Without further ado… Nicole!

You have AMAZING style. Tell us about your all-time favorite brand. The one that makes your heart skip a beat!
Anthropologie, no question! Their in-store displays are out of this world. I love that they are always using simple resources, like paper or yarn to create gorgeous installations. Their home goods are adorable and I get into so much trouble when I shop there. I love buying their plates and bowls and mugs individually because they always come in great colors and patterns — there’s no way you can choose just one. PLUS their branding is awesomesauce. Their gift cards come with a little book so you can jot down what’s on your wish list! And their bags and tissue paper are a dream! (From Emily: A girl after my own heart. I can’t step foot in Anthropologie without KNOWING I’m going to get in trouble with the hubby : ) Their kitchen and dining sections get me every time.)

You’ve been really involved with the product development and design for the new EL Shop opening soon. Tell us about your FAVORITE product!
The new Simplified System! I’m a compulsive list-maker and I love having a planner to always reference for appointments, meetings and tasks. My friends can tell you that I’ve spend weeks upon weeks in the past agonizing over which planner I should get at the start of the year, and it’s because I need something that perfectly compliments my organization structure and my life. I LOVE that the new Simplified System allows you to customize what you need out of your planner. (From Emily: Nicole helped design the Simplified System and Planner. MANY thanks to Nicole!!)

Big question. What fires you up the most? 
Two things: the color orange and the tactile products of design. Something about the color orange just fills up my heart with joy and energizes me. I also love textures and feeling products in my own hands. You can gain such a greater connection to a piece of work, whether it’s a sculpture or a dress or a business card just by feeling it, seeing how the material was molded or how the elements interact. I love that when pieces are made just right for their purpose, you gain an immediately clearer understanding of the role that it plays in your life and the relationship you have to it. (From Emily: I LOVE that Nicole loves orange. Now whenever I see something orange and amazing, I have to snap a photo to send her a little inspiration. Nicole, you NEED that orange Kitchen Aid mixer!)

Ok, I’m dying to know. How will you use your Simplified Planner?
My ELP Simplified Planner will be my everything. (Sorry, boyfriend! :) ) My past planners have been my calendar, address book, meal planner, day planner, task manager, post-it corral and wallet all in one. (From Emily: YES!! Oh goodness I can’t wait to see how you build yours. Im so EXCITED to get my own hands on one!!)
Nicole, I’m so grateful for you and your amazing sense of style, warm and sweet emails and love for all things Southern. So glad to have you as part of the family!

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Nicole on Pinterest <—– LOVE.

Lovely photos of Nicole by Millie Holloman

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