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A few months ago, Lara Casey and I were talking about what makes a good brand a GREAT brand. A strong brand. A unique brand. A game-changing, boat-rocking, memorable, profitable, POWERFUL brand… and we narrowed it down to two very specific things: consistent, meaningful communications and fresh, authentic design. Add those two things together and you get POWERHOUSE brands – brands that make things happen.

Here we are, approaching the beginning of 2011 and Making Brands Happen is born. Lara and I are so passionate about working closely with creative professionals to not just take their businesses up a notch, but transform their brands and infuse their businesses with everything they need to be a raging success. There are six steps to Making Brands Happen. The process begins with in-depth reviews, consulsts and strategy development sessions with Lara Casey. Then, ELC comes in and I develop and design a visual identity – including a new color palette, logo, fonts, patterns, graphic elements and collateral to tie your identity together. At the end of this four week process, you have a seriously strong, transformed brand and marketing strategy as well as all of your design files and a Style Guide to carry your visual identity consistently across multiple platforms.

We are taking only 6 Making Brands Happen clients per month and are beginning to fill up for the rest of 2010. To sign up, visit the Making Brands Happen website and click on the link at the very end. OR go here to sign up. Payment plans are available.

I’m so excited about this partnership and can’t wait to share the brand transformations about to take place!

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