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I can’t begin to tell you how my newfound dedication to my authentic self has changed me. Even today, my husband and I were going to Target and I said “I better change…” My sweet hub said “why, you wear those black tights all the time?” (I do love my black leggings). So, I kept them on and we went to Target. Its small decisions like that – that are so freeing from trying “to be…” or “to appear…” or “to become…” I just am… little ol’ Southern, fireball, OCD, laughs-all-the-time, not too fancy me.

So in that same spirit, I’ve been thinking a lot about my last lifestyle post on things I love for 2010. It occurred to me, shortly after I posted them, that those things are things I treat myself with. Not the joys I surround myself with every day. So this is two-part. Today: Installment #2 of the things I can’t live without. Then coming later this week, Installment #3 :: the “non-things” I cant live without (Clue :: one of them is 15lbs, black and white and has a tongue that hangs out 98% of the time bc it doesnt fit in his mouth).

Here are a few things I adore – and I am a firm beleiver in the mantra “you get what you pay for.” So while these things are all less than $25 each, they’re still top quality.

My entire home is FILLED (and by filled, I mean I get “the look” every time I bring another one home) with these brown wide-mat frames from Target. They’re around $15-25 and add a touch of tradition to any photo. We have a couple collage walls in our house (wedding photos GALORE) made from these. Next is, quite possibly, my biggest weakness in life :: Wrights Gourmet House cupcakes. Oh. My. If you ever come to Tampa, you MUST visit this tiny little cafe near the South part of town. Their cakes weigh a TON (real sugar, real butter, whole milk, folks.) but their cupcakes are the perfect size. Peanut butter chocolate is where it’s at. And then, my all time FAVE tee (next to the JCrew tee of course) are these Mossimo v-neck pocket tees from Target. Each is $6-8 (!) and I may or may not be wearing a bright pink one (with those black leggings) right now.

My husband just informed me this next group has two adult-beverages in it. Ha! Well, try them both – just not on the same day. Cupcake wine is our absolute favorite wine – especially their Cabernet. We buy a bottle of two every other weekend from a local wine shop. It’s made in California and is $10! (Publix is carrying it now). It is so good, so smooth and so affordable. It’s won multiple awards in its category at wine festivals around the world. Next is my ever-handy Crystal Light-Lightly Lemon. I have made a pact with myself to drink more water. This is how I do it. And last but not least in my adult-beverage duo is Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I just had to include this because of how truly Southern it is. Firefly + a little water + a giant lemon + a little ice = a great sweet tea cocktail.

I don’t know about you guys, but South Florida has seen a crazy winter. I dont know what my poor lips would do without Burt’s Bees. I have about 4 of these stuck in random purses and pockets (even in my car). It’s minty and stays on a long time. Body & Soul magazine is my new favorite – and just so happens to be published by Martha Stewart. I’ve always been very interested in nutrition and the way our bodies react to foods, nutrients, etc. Body and Soul explores “clean living” (less environmental footprint, more organic eating, more mind/body/soul nourishment). And lastly, one of my must-haves. I buy a couple of these throughout the year. Growing up, my mom always had a Yankee Candle in our kitchen – honeydew melon. The smell takes me back home. My fragrance of choice for our home is vanilla lime. Its clean, fresh and a little sweet.

What are the things you love to have around you? Both things and “non-things”?

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