Show Notes

If two days totally opposite from one another exist, they were Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Tuesday almost won in the battle of Emily vs. The Day (which is often). Wednesday was TKO. When you’re a mama whose husband travels and six month old gets a fever and business is booming and brain is constantly running with ideas, well… there’s a secret sauce to making it all mix together into a nice Happy Pie. (That’s right, I said Happy Pie)

Really, really good friends.

Not just good friends who encourage you, but good friends who organize girls’ nights (Dusty, get on it! ;) and good friends who borrow Bman when your appendix nears rupturing and good friends who send orange roses because they know you’re nearing the edge and good friends who write sweet “go get ’em little camper” emails and send amazing, amazing Bible verses and Mamas who empathize and husbands who give you the weekend off and babies who constantly smile no matter what… no. matter. what. 100+ fever and all. God is good. I don’t write about my faith a lot but I’m going to start. God is good, friends. And God has done some miraculous things in my life the past few months.


And not in terms of business but in terms of the amazing women He’s put in my life. And the fact that He sent me to my husband – the cute frat-boy bartender (way back when) whose last name was so cute with my first ;) who is my complete and total opposite and keeps me SANE. And He brought me three best girlfriends who love Him and keep me accountable. Best girlfriends who have been through the ringer and make amazingness happen and still encourage me when I’m stressing out about laundry and nap time. And women who are big dreamers and devoted mamas. Girlfriends in this town I thought I’d never call home who have families and babies and children and love them fiercely.


Tonight I am just feeling grateful. When I feel like I have too much on my plate it’s only because I have too much GOODNESS on my plate. I have to stop and remind myself sometimes that the eight billion text messages I need to return mean I have good friends. The messy house means a family lives here. The extra five pounds means a baby grew in this body. The no-makeup-face means I have a business that is growing and a baby who is so much more important than appearances. The spit-up on my shirt… well, it means my chunky baby loves to eat : )

So without naming a million names, here’s a big fat thank you to my girlfriends. To my sweet husband who puts up with me. To Brady Ley for always smiling no matter what. And to God for writing my story even though I always try and take the pen.



Image totally stolen from Lara Casey’s blog – memories of our MTH travel last November.

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