How to Love Your People Well Without Gifts
How to Love Your People Well Without Gifts
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Hi, friends! Happy February. Team Simplified is focusing on friendship, positivity, and inclusivity this month (and always). We’d love for you to join us in celebrating the people we love by practicing extraordinary kindness. We’ve collected several ideas to show close and not-so-close friends we are here to support them. 

Our team has recently adopted the use of  “Love Taps” to communicate thoughtfulness through text. The beauty of Love Taps is that the short text does not require a response, rather reaching out to convey, “Hi, I’m here if you need me.” Simply text someone “Love Tap 💕” to let them know you’re thinking about them. The receiver might be experiencing a hard time, needing a little encouragement, or even waiting to share a happy win – the reasons for a Love Tap are endless. We challenge you to send a few Love Taps this month. 

It can be easy to drop off a gift, but true friendship is nurtured by quality time and careful attention to building each other up. Make an effort to stay in touch. Know their seasons and support their goals – prioritize your people. 

10 Ways to Love Your People Well Without Gifts

  1. Send a handwritten note. 
  2. Invite a friend on a walk. Be active while catching up! 
  3. Share a smile. Try to create a positive space for conversation. 
  4. Give a compliment. 
  5. Listen. Lend a shoulder to lean on. 
  6. Share a motivating or inspiring quote. 
  7. Bake a sweet treat together. 
  8. Catch up over a coffee date. 
  9. Reach out to someone via text. Don’t be scared to show a new friend you care! 
  10. Be authentic! Welcome them to do the same. 
Doing life with good friends is a gift we get to work for. Team Simplified prays friends walk into your life for a season, a reason, or even a lifetime!  
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