How To Calm Down When Feeling Overwhelmed
How To Calm Down When Feeling Overwhelmed
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Hi, friends! We all know certain seasons can be overwhelming to the point of breaking and, unfortunately, this topic just isn't talked about enough among women. Team Simplified has been sharing how overwhelming work, school, kids, even dinnertime can be, so we wanted to invite you in on the conversation. Stress is to be expected, but instead of allowing it to stay at the center of our lives, let's set ourselves up for success, for the good life, and for what matters most. Let's be prepared to conquer and uninvite overwhelm the next time it walks in the door. 

Five Questions to Address Overwhelming Feelings:

  • How are you? No, how are you, really?
  • What is overwhelming you? 
  • What exactly can you control in this specific scenario? 
  • If there was a solution to this overwhelm, what exactly would it look like?  
  • How can you make a positive difference in your stress right now? 

Ten Ways to Calm Down When Feeling Overwhelmed: 

  1. Omit the overwhelm in your mind by writing everything down on paper. 
  2. Fill your body with healthy nutrients. 
  3. Read a book you love, watch a new show, or listen to your favorite music. 
  4. Let go of the need to control every moment! 
  5. Stop comparing yourself to "perfection" – there's no such thing, friend. 
  6. Ruthlessly declutter clothes and stuff overwhelming your space.  
  7. Insert whitespace into your life by scheduling time for something you want to do (even if it's doing nothing). 
  8. Put an end to mindlessly scrolling through social media. 
  9. Don't overanalyze or worry about what happened yesterday. Take a walk instead! 
  10. Enjoy a nap. 

If you're looking for even more ways to make space for slow, simple, and good, I suggest reading When Less Becomes More! I wrote it after coming out of my most overwhelming season of burnout to help anyone experiencing the same thing fill her well again. 💕

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