Show Notes

This is Brady enjoying his Christmas present from Santa this morning. Bryan and I took him for a quick walk and talked about our 2012 goals. Mine are aggressive. And this is probably the first year I’ve ever actually made more than one goal.

  • Blog every day. I’ve always wanted to do this and always felt like I had to write something profound or some great novel in order to really have any meaning behind my blog. I’ve decided I’ll just blog what I know that day – a photo or even just a quick snippet. I’ll let this “every day blogging thing” take its own shape. Hold me to this. And thanks to the ladies of The Stationery Academy for encouraging this at dinner at Hemmingways on Pensacola Beach last year. You girls are amazing.
  • Be intentional. With my time, money, attention. Another post on this coming soon. For too long I’ve “let things happen” rather than “made things happen” personally while doing the exact opposite in business. My greatest “make it happen” personally example are my Fridays off. More on this soon too. By holding to that all year, I know I can do this. This goal includes cooking dinner for my family. I hate cooking. This is the year I’ll make myself love it.
  • Eat clean. I’m taking control of what I put into my body and my family. We’ve recently transitioned to organic cleaning supplies and all organic meat. I plan to cut meat almost entirely and step away from dairy as well. Watch Forks Over Knives, it’ll change your life. I owe this one to one of my favorite people on the planet Mckay Pittman (of the ever so cute Oatmeal Lace Design)

So with that said, let’s DO this! Im loving and using my 2012 Simplified Planner like CRAZY! I’ve never been prouder of a product I’ve designed. Read more about it here. And for a limited time (til tomorrow at midnight!!) get yours for 20% off with code HELLO2012!

Also, a huge thank you to the 300+ of you that shared your biggest goals here. Check in and let me know how its going as the year progresses! I’d love to see photos of you using your Simplified Planner!



PS: Wonder why Brady is wearing a shirt with a giant dollar bill on it? This shirt was a gift from his Nana and Grandpa – a souvenir from his daddy’s favorite restaurant in the world: McGuires Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida. They have a BAJILLION (literally) dollar bills hanging from the walls and ceiling.

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