Show Notes


There are few brands that stand out as undeniably trustworthy and wholehearted. When Gerber contacted me to work with them, my first thought was, “GERBER BABIES!” and my second thought was that of sincere excitement. I love what Gerber stands for and I’ve used their products for years for all three of our children.


Gerber’s goals are the same as mine, as a mama – to raise happy, healthy babies. Working with them has been so much fun. Today, I’m taking over the @Gerber Instagram sharing a few peeks into my day with our three littles and the beautiful circus of it all. Our days are messy and full of adventure as we learn to navigate life as a family of five. And they always end up with someone wearing baby food. Come join in on the fun!

This partnership is sponsored by Gerber and fueled by our sincere love for their brand.

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