Show Notes

This year, we’re focused on living well. Being intentional. Taking care of our bodies. Giving our brains regular breaks. One of our favorite ways to take care of ourselves mentally is by reading (or listening to!) books. Fiction books give us an escape from work, life, and our often times hectic schedules. Self-help style books help us sharpen our minds and learn new skills. One of the easiest, and our most favorite, way to get lost in a book is by using Audible. Choose a book and listen on your drive to work, while working out, or before falling asleep at night. Here’s a list of our favorites (and some that are “on our list” to read!) to get you started. Let’s live well this year together. : )

1. Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne – our fave parenting book of all time
2. The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine
3. Cultivate by Lara Casey – a must read!
4. Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley – an obvious favorite!
5. The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel – on our list!
6. Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen
7. The 4 Hour Work Week – a game changing book!
8. Chasing Slow by Erin Lochneor – on our list!
9. Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst – so good!
10. Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury

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