Birthday Sale Preview
Birthday Sale Preview: Emily's Top Birthday Sale Picks
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Emily's Top Birthday Sale Picks

Our Annual Birthday Sale starts TOMORROW! When I started this company on my living room floor eleven years ago, I never dreamed that it would become the the community that it is today. The sisterhood we've created here inspires me daily to live a life full of white space and continually carve out time for the good stuff. The products our team has created over these past eleven years are more than just tools to help you plan your day- they equip women to live simply, love deeply, and make space for the slow, simple, and good. And that's why I care so much about them. I always say that the day we become just another planner company is the day we close our doors. I wholeheartedly believe that each of us were made for more, and Simplified products are the tools that help us do it. 

In celebration of the past eleven years, and as a thank you to each and every one of you, (almost) EVERYTHING in our shop will be 30% off starting tomorrow, July 2, through Thursday, July 4! We don't have sales often, so this is the perfect time for you to stock up on teacher gifts to use throughout the year or to treat yourself to something special. In no particular order, here are ten of my favorite products that will be included in the sale this week: 

1. Simplified Planners (Sale Price: Daily, $40.60; Weekly, $33.60). This planner is so close to my heart and will always and forever be my favorite product that we make. July 2 - July 4, the Daily SP will be $40 and the Weekly SP will be $33. This NEVER happens. Get yours on sale while you can! 

2. Simplified Recipe Binder (Sale Price: $25.20). This is perfect for housing your family favorite recipes printed straight from the computer or hand written and passed down. I love the added flexibility that the binder concept allows. Only $25 during the sale! I love to give these as shower or housewarming gifts.  

3. Simplified Sticker Sets (Sale Price: $7). These are SO fun. The color coding dots will always be my favorite stickers to use in my Simplified Planner, but our new flag label stickers are becoming a close second. 

4. Simplified Baby Book (Sale Price: $43.40). I made these when my twins were born as a simple way to document their most precious moments. I didn't have the time or energy it took to make an elaborate scrapbook and wanted to be able to add pages and customize it as I went. These will always be so special to me! 

5. Pineapple Pen Cup (Sale Price: $16.80). This just makes me so happy sitting on my desk. I love giving these as teacher gifts! 

6. Simplified Hats (Sale Price: $16.80). These have saved the day on more than one occasion when I haven't had time to do my hair. My favorite summer accessory. 

7. Home Base Binder (Sale Price: $33.60) If you have a lot of projects to get done around the house, or need to leave info for a babysitter often, this is a must have! Only $33 today! 

8. Dry Erase Magnets (Sale Price: Monthly Magnets, $11.20; Small Magnets, $8.40). I'm a big believer in keeping lists and calendars out where you see them often. These make such a great addition to any kitchen or office space. 

9. Watercolor Floral Notepads (Sale price: $8.40). I ALWAYS keep a notepad out on my desk to jot notes down throughout the day. These feature our gorgeous hand-painted watercolor floral pattern and look beautiful sitting out. One of my go-to gifts for just about anyone! 

10. Mini Notebooks (Sale price: $7).  If you can't decide on your favorite Simplified Planner cover, pick up one of these to go along with it. They come in all six cover options and are the perfect companion to your Simplified Planner. 

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