Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Your mama made a big decision today. After four weeks of time with just you – doing fun things like going for walks, playing on your mat, and reading stories, I’ve decided to shorten my work week to four days when I start working again at the end of March. Fridays are too precious for me to not spend with you.

Your mommy loves her work as a designer and is fortunate to be able to do the work she loves from our house. I’m realizing that there is an underlying theme to the things in my life that bring me pure joy – growth, heart, passion. Designing for other entrepreneurs, spending time with you, being a mom and a wife, working with brides… I love these things because I love growth and transformation. I love watching you grow and discover your hands, learn to pick up your head, begin to smile…

So Fridays are all yours Bman. Well spend Fridays playing with your friends, going to the aquarium and the zoo, visiting the park. I love you, Bman. This photo is you as we got ready for your first real car ride… To starbucks. Mommy loves coffee :)


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