Show Notes

Dear Bman,

You’re such a big boy! Just six weeks old and you let the doctor put jelly on your beautiful head to perform an ultrasound. You take after the men on your Mamas side of the family with that nice sized head. Doc wanted to make sure you didn’t have any extra pressure inside since it’s in the ninety third percentile. Turns out, you just have a big brain and are going to be President of the USA one day – but we already knew that.

Your height is in the seventieth percentile and youre already in size one diapers and three month clothes. Mommy and Nana even took you shopping today bc your little feet are pushing on the bottoms of your footed onesies!

You weigh ten lbs and are in the thirty eighth percentile with perfect little rolls and a squishy little face. Daddy may have given you your features but mama gave you that head and those cheeks!

Nana and Grandpa are here spoiling us all! This week you and I are headed to pensacola so you can meet so many friends including your Great Grandpa!

I love you!

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