Show Notes

Dear Bman,

We have progress, buddy! Way to go! Doc said you’re getting ready and might make an appearance before we’re scheduled to get things rollin’ on Wednesday morning! I bet you’re as ready to come out as we are to meet you.

Know what else… doc said his best guess is that you weigh 7lbs, 11oz. Well, he said 7 and two thirds and your mama can’t do math. So we’ll go with that. I cant wait to see you, Bman! Grow, grow, grow!



PS: Your Aunt Gina took this photo in Maui. Way cool, huh. She’ll be coming to meet you when you’re three weeks old to take more photos of you!

PPS: Nice job kicking the monitor today during your non stress test. It set off a LOUD alarm every time that sent nurses running into the room. They thought you were a funny little guy :)

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