Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Today was a pretty big day for us… My last day of maternity leave, your first shot, your big news that you’re in the 70th percentile with your length (take that docs who worried you might have short long bones!!!) and our first night with our bedtime routine ending up with a few hours of sleep in your crib in your nursery. Your big big big boy crib. Watching little you sleep in that big crib made me feel like you will go off to college tomorrow. I’ll put you in your bassinet to sleep next to us after your next feeding, but I love that you like the crib we decorated for you. I may have cried multiple times today. Your mamas a sap.

You did so good with your first shot. Mama held your hand and daddy talked to you. I rubbed your face and when the sweet nurse did it, your little face turned a bright shade of red, your big blue eyes opened wide and your mouth opened as big as it goes. That little tongue trembled and WAAAAH! Kisses from everyone, your little green paci and a Sesame Street bandaid (see it in the photo) made it all better. Such a big boy.

Guess who comes to see you in just one week… Nana and Grandpa!!

I love you SO much,

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