Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Today is my first Mother’s day. You and your daddy made my day very special. Thank you so much for my fancy, schmancy Keurig and delicious coffee pods. They will be perfect for our morning routine. Every day we wake up at 6:30 – I feed you and and enjoy my cup of coffee while we watch Good Morning America in bed with the doors in my bedroom open to our back patio and pool. It’s my favorite part of the whole day.

Today, you and I spent some time on a blanket given to us by your Aunt Natalie in the front yard while your dad did some work on our landscaping. It was so much fun! You had just your diaper on and enjoyed the warm sun.

Today I started thinking about how your daddy and I worried that we’d never have a baby after about a year of trying to. And I remembered that day when I took a pregnancy test and stared at the TWO blue lines thinking… “I am the only person in the whole world that knows this miracle just happened…to me.” I remember feeling so overwhelmed and tears just coming from nowhere. I remember freezing and looking at myself in the mirror, holding that little test and realizing my entire life had changed in an instant.

And here you are, still in just a diaper, asleep on your newborn lounger (that your silly daddy calls your “throne”). My heart is bigger, deeper, wider and fuller than ever before. I’ve never loved anything more. I love watching you grow and learn and discover new things. Being a mommy is the greatest adventure of my life. I cant wait for what’s ahead of us. I’m so proud of how you’re growing and the little boy you’re growing into. I love you more than words, Bman.



(PS: This is a photo of you from when you were a little smaller – taken by your Aunt Gina!)

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