Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Three weeks buddy and then it’s your day. As your daddy and I get ready for you, we have a few questions…

How does February 16 sound for your birthday? Will you have your daddy’s baby button nose? Will you have to have an extra bone removed from your foot like your mom and grandma? Will you dislike the feel of grass on your skin like your dad when he was small? Will you laugh and smile a lot? Do you hear your mama and daddy talk to you at night? Why do these doctor worry worry worry so much over you? We know you’re just fine. How are your femurs these days? They look beautiful to me :) Do you love letterpress? Your mama has already designed your birth announcements. Will you look like this photo? I hope so. I want to cover that nose with kisses.

21 days.

Love, kisses and all my heart, Mommy

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