Show Notes

Dear Bman,

This might be the funniest photo of you ever. I caught it mid smile. Yesterday I started working again. It wasn’t easy but it was easier than I thought. Now, we did spend an hour answering emails standing in front of our laptop while bouncing back and forth in the ergo in Mommy’s chest.

Hey, it’s a learning process for us. I learned multitasking is a big no no and morning walks to see ducks and turtles shoulda been part of my day years ago.

I also had a realization yesterday… You’re going to fall down and get sick and have imperfections… And as your mama, as much as I want to make sure those things never come your way, all I can do is love all ten pounds of you with all my might everyday.

Today is a new day bman. You, your daddy and I are learning this new life together. Today Mommy’s gonna put the worry away and just love all over those chubby cheeks and big blue eyes.

I love you (SO much),

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