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Emily Ley Blog

Dear Bman,There are so many fun things your Daddy and I want to do with you

January 27, 2011

Dear Bman,

There are so many fun things your Daddy and I want to do with you when you are big enough…

We want to take you to Disney World and pray you’re not afraid of the characters. We want to take you home to our hometown – Pensacola – so that you can see what a beautiful beach is, so you can put your little toes in the white sand and feel the water rush against your feet. We want to give you ice cream for the first time and watch you make little faces at how cold and squishy it is. We want to travel with you and show you just how amazing and big the world is – and how much fun there is to be had. We want to read every book in the world to you – with expression and show you the pictures (right, grandma?). We want to take you for walks in your stroller with your brothers, Briggs and Harley. One day you’ll be a big brother and we want to teach you how to love your little brother or sister. We want to dress you up (ok, I do) like a little Southern boy with bowties and seersucker. We hope you get your daddy’s curls so we can grow your hair out just enough to curl at the ends. We want to watch cartoons with you and start a Sunday morning breakfast tradition (starting with a ride in the Bronco! It has no doors or roof, Bman! But dont worry, we’ll protect you). We want to run races and play baseball and make monsters out of play-dough. Your daddy already bought you a GI Joe or two. It was a necessity when we found out you were a boy, apparently. Oh, Bman, we’re getting SO excited to meet you in 20 days! (Your daddy threw that number out… he’s counting down!)