Show Notes

Dear Bman,

It’s been too long since I last wrote! You are two months old, my sweet boy! Every day your daddy and I love you more and more. You are so sweet, silly, drooly and slobbery lately.

Oh and hungry. Very hungry.

At your two month checkup you were 85-90th percentile in every area! Bman, you might be destined to be a linebacker! While I was pregnant with you, our doctors thought you’d be small. Ha!

Lately you have started laughing and smiling a lot. You love to giggle at your daddy singing and touching your face. And you give me a big cheeky grin and crinkle up those big blue eyes when I get very close to you and say “hi” :) it’s our favorite game!

You also went on your first car trip! 8 hours to Pensacola to see our family! It was a wonderful trip! This photo is you at your (and your Mama and Nanas) favorite restaurant on Pensacola Beach!

Life as your mommy just keeps getting better.

I love you sweet Bman!


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