Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Have you seen the date on the milk carton? It says “on this day you will be a mama of a five day old.” Holy moly.

I remember getting really excited to see OCT 18 08 on the milk carton because that was the day your daddy and I were going to get married. Seeing that date made it real! And right around the corner… One week from tomorrow night your daddy and I will head to the hospital to be induced. I can’t wait to hold you and love all over you but how funny it will be to not feel your kicks and rolls in my belly. You are already such a good dancer!

Our bags are packed. The entire house, your house, is completely cleaned, organized, stocked and nested. I’ll be starting maternity leave in four days. All of your grandparents are ready. Now it’s up to you. Just eight more days.


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