Show Notes

And so begins night three of day three of way less dairy, way less meat, no diet coke.

Night one of iPhone plugged into the computer in my office to charge, not beckoning from my bedside table.

Night three of day three of blog every day (two in one today! what!)

Night three of day three of cash only.

We go big or go home at the Ley house. so far so good.

Hold me accountable and watch this.

please and thank you. : )



PS: For good measure… a ridiculously cute photo of Bman atop a saddle at Green Cedars Farm just outside of Pensacola, Florida – the home of some of our family’s dearest friends. Gorgeous photo by Michael Newman Photography. Little B, we’re changing our eating ways because we’re now choosing the “real” foods that pump through your little body all day long and keep you smiling, moving, dancing, climbing and crawling. I love you more than Diet Coke and chicken nuggets, little man.

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