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Untitled-3-02Friends! Hi there. Happy Tuesday! Today is Day One. Day One of our 2013 restart here in the Ley House. I can have a restart, right? The past few months have been NUTS.

There’s no better word for it. Nuts. Just plain hard and frustrating and NUTS. I haven’t been myself. I haven’t felt like myself. But slowly and surely as we close chapters on the craziness and hard times that have affected our little family the past few months, life is returning to normal.

See, somehow life happened to us all at ONCE. All at the same time. And it nearly did me in. I started to experience physical symptoms from the anxiety associated with these hard times and that just tripled my worry. Needless to say, that landed me in four doctor’s offices having blood drawn, tests run and a brain MRI performed (one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done). And as my symptoms mounted, so did my stress. Until yesterday when all results came back normal and I finally realized I was allowing life to get the best of me. Praise the Lord nothing else was wrong but wow did I realize much needed to change.

Thank goodness for really / really / really / good / friends who helped me through a challenging time and thank goodness for verses like this and this that gave me peace at heart while I waded through waters that were murky to say the least.

And now that its all behind us, it’s time to start new. I think that’s incredible that we GET to start new whenever we choose. Thanks, God.

I have a lot of updates and fun news about what’s going on over here. There’s a possibility that Lara and I will be writing a book about business and mommyhood in the coming months. Are you kidding me? Be still my heart. Writing is music to my SOUL. I love it. I crave it. And I don’t do enough of it. Could their be any better topic to share with the world with one of my dearest friends.

The shop is fixin’ to explode with greatness. Five new COLORFUL gold foil prints were added last week. We’ll be debuting a PREVIEW tool on our site where you’ll get to SEE your color choices on personalized items very soon! And our ALL NEW 2013-2014 Simplified Planner will be released in early June! In addition…

… the HOORAY box will come with every Simplified Planner + Simplified Wedding Planner! (more details on this exciting little thing soon!)

… the NEW Simplified Kitchen Planner will be debuted as well! With a large 2″ spine for ALL your mama’s and grandmama’s best recipes!

… the NEW Simplified DATE BOOK (MUCH AWAITED!) will be released also! 12 months (beginning Aug 2013 – Aug 2014) of spiral bound goodness!


… AND the brand spankin’ new SIMPLIFIED PLANNER FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY! Hooray! Oh, you guys have no idea how awesome this is going to be! Free printables for your Simplified Planner, Wedding Planner or Kitchen Planner!


We’ll be shooting our Simplified Planners tomorrow with Shay Cochrane (and sneaking pics on Instagram! Come join us to see all the new colors!) I’m still in search of a studio space here in West Tampa Bay and we may be riding this next wave of Simplified Planner sales here in my home again, but our sweet friends and neighbors have extra warehouse space where we’ll be storing them as sales begin!


AND… this makes me so happy… I’ll soon be adding a special corner to the shop called “The Pop Pop Shop.” My dad is a master craftsman and has, for years, built furniture and all sorts of things for my family. He’s remarkable, y’all. Well, he’s finally ready to sell a few of his creations and we’ve been debuting his handmade wooden growth charts on Instagram and Facebook. He’s nearly sold all 50 of his first batch (email me if you’d like one of that LAST three!) and we’ll be posting them in the shop soon. Stay tuned! They are INCREDIBLE! (photo below by Michael Newman Photography)


You’ll also notice that our little blog got a facelift! The coaching page and branding pages at the top are also new! Thanks, Aeolidia!

Just for fun, we’re going to have a GIVEAWAY! And in the midst of the madness, I just realized I never chose a winner for the Mobee Magic Mouse! Lori Ellen from Kitchen Doesn’t Travel, you win! :) Email me to claim your prize!

Today’s giveaway – your choice of one of our FOUR new colorful gold foil art prints! We’ll choose the winner at random next Tuesday at noon EST – there are two ways to enter (and you’ll have to post here to let us know you did them so that we can enter you!) 1) follow our page on Facebook and / or 2) follow us on Instagram (@EmilyLey)

Ready, set, go!

Cheers to great things ahead!



PS: Photo at top by Gina Zeidler. If you haven’t seen her gorgeous new brand, you’re missing out!

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