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Repeat Meals

Happy March!! How is it March anyway. Also, WHY is meal planning so daunting. I’m newly thirty-four (as of yesterday!) and I think I’ve finally figured out the answer: We try and reinvent the wheel too often. Love to try new recipes? Awesome! Try one a week! Two a month! But a new recipe every day of the week? Ugh – not unless you’re a super chef. Ahem, I am not one of them. I learned, coming out of a really rough year (too much going on, too much stress, not enough brain space and too few healthy habits) that fueling your body (and feeding your family) is important – and not just to be sure you’re not hungry or check a box during the day. Let’s focus on breakfast and lunch for this particular post. How many of you skip breakfast because you just can’t find something that meets all your criteria: quick, easy, healthy, filling? That used to be me. Same for lunch a lot of times (shameful, I know – I was a meal skipper for a long time – NOT ANYMORE).

I’ve learned that if I’m going to really nourish my body well (and not stress out about it), I can’t reinvent the wheel every day. I need to find what I like, what works for me, and stick to it. So, for me, I have to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every weekday. I switch it up once I get tired of something, but having the simplest meals of the day on repeat helps a lot. Weekends are another story, but for weekdays I eat the very same thing most mornings and most lunchtimes (I jot them down in my Simplified Planner!)

Breakfast: Simple Greek Yogurt Parfait – Chobani Greek Yogurt (vanilla) with fresh berries (chop a bunch on Sundays and keep them all week long). Peel the top off the yogurt, throw a handful of berries in, add a scoop of chia seeds if you’re feeling fancy, and viola. Protien, vitamin c, all the good stuff.

Lunch: Fancy Avocado Toast with Eggs – My mom encouraged me to add some protein (eggs) to this meal and it was a good, filling idea. Pepperidge Farm 15 grain bread (toasted in my Breville smart oven – seriously this thing is my favorite kitchen gadget. I heat / cook almost everything in it) plus half an avocado and two scrambled eggs (cooked in the microwave in my little egg cooker). Add some berries on the side and sometimes a tomato with salt and pepper if I’m extra hungry.

I keep these around for snacks (almond packs, cheese sticks, fresh clementines, dark chocolate), but I’m not a real big snacker until post-kiddo bedtime when I want to eat ALL THE GOLDFISH. I digress. Hop over to Instagram and tell me about your habitual meals! I’d love to know for next week! All month long we’ll be talking about simplifying meal planning here on the blog and on social media!

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