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Don’t Make it all Happen

I caught a little preschool bug from Brady over the weekend and suddenly found myself napping my Sunday away yesterday. Sundays are typically the days I normally get everything ready for the week ahead. And all of the sudden I was ALL STRESSED OUT. You know what I’m talking about. Laundry. Lunches. Christmas decorations. Gotta get lights on the house. Where are my window candles. I’m not done with my shopping list. Cyber Monday is TODAY! What are we going to have for Christmas DINNER. ACK!

Is anyone else tired just reading that? You know what I mean though, the holidays bring SO MUCH goodness and SO MUCH STRESS. I challenge you to do what I did this afternoon and make a three-point December bucket list. Imagine yourself on Christmas day looking back at the month and remembering your THREE happiest memories. Write those down and put them on your fridge. And if the rest happens, great. If not, great too. Don’t make it all happen. Make the most important stuff happen! Here’s mine:

  1. Get hot chocolate in little red cups from Starbucks and drive around looking at Christmas lights late one night after bedtime. (They’ll be so excited!)
  2. See Santa at the mall and attempt a photo.
  3. Enjoy a snack dinner on Christmas Eve with people we love. Chick Fil A nuggets are a must.

Now get going! Write your three on whatever paper is next to you. Then take a big ol’ deep breath. The holidays are here! Let’s enjoy them!

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