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Let me preface this post by saying this: my husband's cell phone gives me hives. Seriously. Love the man, but when it comes to being organized or simplified in his personal spaces... he's a work in progress. :) Let's put it this way, he has about twenty-five folders full of apps -- and at least three of them are called "Finance". But the apps have nothing to do with finance. And his 72 unread emails... I can't. I LOVE YOU BRYAN LEY, BUT YOU'RE A MESS!

I'm campaigning for him to let me at his phone (you know I love a challenge). He's not sure this is a good idea. So I started trying to explain to him exactly what I'd do to clean up his phone and how it would make his entire life better (ok, but really). Can I get an amen?

So, here, my friends, are the steps I'll take to clear the clutter on Bryan's phone (IF he'll let me at it) and bring about world peace. We're going to focus on a few key elements:

  • Lockscreen
  • Home Screen
  • Apps
  • Notifications
  • Notes

LOCKSCREEN: This is simple. Choose an inspirational quote, a special photograph, or a simple beautiful screen to be your lockscreen. Keep this in mind: anyone who picks up your phone (even if you have a password on it) will see this. Be sure the time stamp and date don't cover up anyone's faces. (IE: Don't create visual clutter). 

HOME SCREEN: Yes, this includes your wallpaper, but what I'm really talking about here is your home page on your phone - Page 1. I keep mine pretty simple with just a few rows of apps.

APPS: Any apps that I am trying not to overuse, I keep in folders, not on the homepage. (IE: social media apps -- yes, even though I use those for work. It's not that hard to swipe to the back for them when I need them. But if they're staring at me on my home screen late at night, I'm tempted to spend mindless time on them.) I sort my apps into 8 folders categorized by color (an idea I got from The Home Edit). I didn't think I'd like this method at first, until I realized my brain actually looks for apps by color, not by icon or name or category. Delete any apps you don't use.

NOTIFICATIONS: This is life changing. Are you ready? There may be certain notifications you have to keep on or need to keep on (work related, etc), but the other ZILLION red dots and buzzes and dings and alerts and push notifications... TURN. THEM. OFF. Yes! You can turn them off! And once you do, you'll never go back. I get text messages. That's it. Oh, and phone calls. And I let my iCal alert me too because our team is remote. Other than that, OFF. You're welcome. Seriously, TRY IT. You do not need to get a pop up notification every time someone likes your Instagram photo. Nope.

NOTES: If you have an iPhone, here's a tip: utilize your Notes app to keep running lists and important information. It's so helpful and easy! 

Alright, Bryan Ley, I'm coming for your phone when you'll let me! I promise it'll change your life! ;)

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