Celebrating Juneteenth
Celebrating Juneteenth
Show Notes

Hi, friends! I want you to know that here at Simplified, we are committed to supporting and lifting up our Black sisters. As I hope you already see, I'm not shy in standing up for what matters to me, and today matters. On this day, we get to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States, and while this is essential to acknowledge, let's not forget how much more inclusivity there is to form and practice in America. I hope everyone feels invited to our table because YOU always have a seat. Our Simplified Sisterhood welcomes, loves, and supports you. 

We're honoring our Black brothers and sisters today, on Juneteenth, by celebrating Black-owned businesses. Team Simplified feels so grateful to point you in the direction of supporting beautiful creativity to wear, hang in your home, or gift to a loved one. 

Black-Owned Businesses We Love: 

We love you. We're with you. And we're grateful you're here as we learn and grow.



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