Celebrate Double Pineapple Points Day With Us!
Celebrate Double Pineapple Points Day With Us!
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Hi, friends! We are so excited to celebrate Double Pineapple Points Day – YAY! It's our treat to offer 2x the Pineapple Points for every dollar spent today simply because we're grateful for your loyalty. We love getting to offer Pineapple Points for y'all to redeem discounts after certain amounts of earning. And if you're not already a rewards member, don't miss out and register now! 

In honor of Double Pineapple Points Day, let's do a fun Simplified scavenger hunt! There are ten pineapples in the following categories of Simplified products – some are hidden in the sweetest details and some are beautifully obvious. (The answers are linked in each appropriated bullet point.) Good luck! We believe in you! 🍍

Pineapple Pursuit: Start HERE!

Earn 4 Pineapple Points for every $1 spent, until midnight today only. Oh happy day! 

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