Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Oh my it has been too long since I wrote last. We have been so busy. And you have been growing like a weed! You’re doing all kinds of new things! Your favorite is “touchdown!!” where you throw your arms above your head and squeal while we all say “yaaaaay!!”

You’ve got almost four more teeth (for a total of eight!) and are considering standing on your own. You’re still a little nervous about letting go but you can do it! We’ve seen it!

A few things you love right now:


Green beans

Salad (makes mama so happy!)

Elmo (in a big way!)

The alphabet song (when we sing it you crawl over to your alphabet toy and push the button to play the song! Every time!)

Walks in your wagon

FaceTime with Nana and Grandpa

Standing up in the bathtub (uh oh!)

Snuggles while mommy and daddy hold you and walk you around the house

Biting (ouch!)

Mio Mao (oh b this is the funniest little European clay-mation cartoon about two cats that we found on the Baby Channel. Since you were a few months old you’ve SQUEALED in delight everytime they come on!)

Strawberry smoothies

Cupcake frozen yogurt (oops! Who gave you that! : )

Taking your shoes off in the car

Peekaboo around the kitchen island with Briggs

Ms Kara : )

Friday playdates with your friends (well Mama really loves this and all their mommies too!)

Dancing in your crib in the mornings

Crawling away as fast as you can after we get you ready for bath time (a site to see! Haha!)

Magic Carpet Rides with Daddy (daddy’s silly game)

We love you sweet boy. I can’t believe in just two short weeks you’ll be one year old and officially a toddler. It makes me so happy to see what a sweet, curious, kind little boy you’re becoming. I love you more than anything in the whole wild world sweet B. Thank you for making my heart so full.



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