Show Notes

Two weeks ago, I did something scary. I removed my email from my iPhone. This was a big deal. I emailed the girls I work with on a daily basis to let them know I was doing it. I told them if anything caught on fire to call me.

So far, nothing has caught on fire.

AMAZING!! The world didn’t stop spinning when I unplugged a little! When I went on maternity leave early last year, I was SO AFRAID my business would literally fall apart because I would be unplugged for a few months. And it didn’t.

Isn’t that a funny, slightly narcissistic way of looking at things? Why do we feel like we have to be plugged in 24/7 to be our best? I’m finding that the more I simplify and set boundaries, the BETTER I am for my clients (and my family!).

The past fourteen days have been more peaceful. I’ve felt more in control of my time. I’ve also felt like I’ve been better for my clients. Here’s a little illustration of the difference in my thought processes when I’m constantly available via email (email on phone) and when I’m only available via email when I’m sitting at my desk during focused work time (no email on phone).

When I think about it this way… I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner!! Next step…. Facebook on the iPhone. Gulp…

Happy Monday!



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