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My husband, Bryan, and I don't get away often. With three kids and two busy careers, the chance to escape our day-to-day is rare. But lately, I've been craving rest and quiet. When my parents offered to keep our kiddos for a few days, Bryan suggested we visit a spot he'd been to for quite a few work functions and events: Streamsong Resort. I wasn't familiar with the property (we usually escape to the beach when we get a night or two away) but when he said it was about an hour "off the grid," I knew it sounded perfect.

We left for Streamsong during rush hour on Friday afternoon, and after sitting on I4 for what felt like forever, the quiet, deserted drive out into central Florida was so peaceful. My phone lost reception about fifteen minutes before we reached Streamsong. That's when I knew it was going to be a wonderful trip (ha!). Don't worry, I hooked up to Streamsong's wifi once we arrived, just in case my kiddos / parents needed anything.

Someone asked if we were on our honeymoon during this dinner and it made my night, ha! We've been married 9.5 years.

Streamsong used to be a large phosphate farm. The company who owned it, Mosaic, decided to turn it into a large golf resort when they were finished farming the land. It's seriously one of the most beautiful and serene places I've ever visited (and to be honest, I didn't even feel at all like I was in central Florida). 

We spent the first few days just relaxing. Bryan golfed (the three golf courses are spectacular) and I spent a morning in the spa (Streamsong treated me to a massage and I quite literally fell asleep it was so heavenly) and an afternoon napping (naps are so highly underrated as an adult). There are quite a few restaurants on the property so we enjoyed breakfast in bed (my favorite vacation treat) and sunset cocktails and dinners. Everything about Streamsong was simple, minimal, and quiet. I literally could not get over the quiet. There were no buzzing airplane sounds, big-city noises, or commotion from tons of people. It was just what I needed. The quiet made the beautiful views so much more vibrant. 

One of my favorite days there - our last day - Bryan and I spent the day by the infinity pool overlooking the lake. We took advantage of the time away and mapped out some of our family routines and rhythms, talking through some pain points in our schedules, and planning for some fun stuff coming up this year. That day was worth its weight in gold. We came home feeling so rested and like we'd made so much progress on planning and simplifying just by taking a morning to talk through some things. 

Thank you to Streamsong for treating us to part of our stay. We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to visit again.

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