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Can you believe it’s already December! When did that happen! It’s still 80 degrees here in South Florida, so I’m decorating our house like crazy to get everyone in the spirit! I’m excited to share some of my favorite Mud Pie Christmas pieces and my #1 favorite Christmas tradition: the Christmas Eve snack dinner!


I used to visit friends’ houses and drool over their holiday decor. Until I realized Mud Pie made all of it and I got some of my own! :) My favorite Mud Pie decor pieces for Christmas are tabletop items that will work great on Christmas Even when we celebrate with our snack dinner around our new fire pit. Fire places apparently aren’t a thing in Florida anymore, so we’re taking our fire outside!


Above are the Mud Pie Hostess Tray and their Cookies & Milk for Santa Set. But seriously, check out Mud Pie’s entire Christmas collection. You know I love a good monogram, so I went with the Mud Pie French Knot Wreath Towel in our guest bathroom. Here are a few more Mud Pie Christmas favorites!

1. Santa Tutu One-Piece (and you better believe I got this one for Tyler!)

2. Gold Glitter Mugs (so cute and only $15!)

3. Merry & Bright Gold Plate

4. Birchwood Reindeer

5. Reindeer Table Runner




Christmas Eve around here is just as special as Christmas morning. We all gather together with our favorite appetizers / snacks. We love Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, so we always have a tray of those and a fruit tray plus whatever else we’re excited about that year. As Santa’s arrival nears and the kiddos get ready for bed, someone hunts down our favorite edition of the Night Before Christmas. We pass the book around and each read a page. My Dad inevitably changes the words and makes us all laugh. After that, the kiddos get tucked into bed and squeeze their eyes shut waiting to hear reindeer steps outside.



I just love this time of year–Christmas especially. It’s such a special and beautiful time to celebrate the good stuff of life. Wishing you and yours a warm, close-knit, wholehearted holiday. xo

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