A Healthy Mindset
A Healthy Mindset
Show Notes

I love talking about wellness with you all because it seems more conversational than instructive. I'm not an expert on wellness, nor do I plan on becoming one, but this is an area of life I strive to prioritize in every season. I think wellness and a healthy mindset, often get lost in the realms of intense fitness and an overly publicized body image. A healthy mindset comes with grace and gratitude. It comes with working hard on something you love, along with less pressure and more freedom to reach your finish line – whatever that may be. 

Setting realistic goals is something attainable for me. It’s comparable to a to-do list, which we all know is an official unofficial love language. In a short 30 minutes of exercise, I’m reminded that I am strong – not just physically fit, but mentally equipped to tackle my tasks for any day. I’m reminded that there are much bigger problems and worries than my own. I’m reminded that beauty can be found through sweat and pride in the things our bodies can accomplish. I’m reminded that those 30 minutes of resetting were way better than mindlessly scrolling on Instagram falsely thinking, “I’m too busy.”

I truly enjoy exercising, just as I’ve heard countless women say, but it’s easy to lose motivation and hard to find the time. So listen to me – you are worth it. You are so worth it, and you owe it to yourself to take care of your body. I’ve come to terms with the fact that working out for my body is not the same thing as working out to reach a different body. I am grateful for the one I already have, for what it has done (Three babies! TWO at one time!!), and what it continues to do. This mindset is much healthier for me and it’s much healthier, as a mom, to show my kids that our bodies are a gift and it’s necessary to love and treat them well whether that be through food, self talk, or movement. 

P.S. Sometimes a few new staples can help get you back in the swing of things. Here are a few favorites that inspire me to stay healthy: 

  1. My favorite “worth it” leggings! And a less expensive pair that we all love, too. 
  2. Yoga mat 
  3. Sport Apple Watch band – I like the narrow band. It feels fancy! 
  4. #SweatSquad tank
  5. Cooling towel – so cute & so necessary for this FL gal.
  6. Resistance bands
  7. Collagen 
  8. The best sports bra – full coverage and great support! A very similar option for less. 
  9. 90-calorie energy bars – Salted PB is a must-try! 
  10. The cutest running tennies 

+ a few for the soul! 

  1. Our fun workout playlist 
  2. A good night’s sleep 
  3. More water 
  4. A walking buddy 

Let’s be a team. I challenge you to take time to be active this week (and the next and the next); to ditch the degrading thoughts; and to be confident in your own beautiful body. Show yourself you’re worth it. Show your friends and family you’re worth it. 

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