Show Notes

Lara and I have had quite the interesting past few weeks. And for your afternoon laugh… a joint blog post. Lara’s commentary will be in blue. : ) Many people know that Lara and I work together on a daily basis for Making Brands Happen. And a whole lot of other things.

We’re a dynamic duo, if I may say so myself – Lara’s quite the big dreamer and I’m the logistics queen. High fives!!!

But, what’s even more fun (and wildly entertaining if you ever get to sit in on one of our phone calls) is our daily circus act managing babies and business. Are y’all ready for this?

Sure we get to travel to big cities and manage commercial collateral photoshoots and work with AMAZING clients BUT here’s what you don’t see… the real heart of our busy days all tangled into the authentic cores of our businesses.

If I had a good picture of what my office looked like last week as we prepared for an (AMAZING!) Making Brands Happen Webinar this Wednesday, you would probably fall out of whatever chair you’re sitting in. Picture a multi-colored baby gate snaked around a corner of my office, decorated with cheerios and organic raspberry baby gummies. Then picture my one year old with one foot on top of said baby gate attempting his first escape. THEN picture me with an iPhone showing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse saves Santa Clause (because I haven’t had time to download a more current episode) with one hand while typing notes on client experience with the other.

My side of the baby fence was Babygeddon. I had to bring Grace AND drag her gigantic Garden Patch Playmat up to the office where everyone was working away diligently. Insert the delightful sounds of said Garden Patch Playmat (think classical music baby-fied and on constant repeat with flashing lights). Between feeding her while trying to type and talk to Emily and playmat fun and Grace quickly getting bored of playmat fun and the gigantic pool of baby drool on my shirt, I think I convinced everyone in my office to wait on the wonderful world of motherhood for a while.

I mean… these words don’t even sum it all up. I am waiting for the reality TV crew to pop out of the closet and yell SURPRISE.

Good news is, Brady had a blast in Mommy’s office. Lara knows that because she and Grace got to listen to him sing over our Webinar run-through. Sadly, the rest of you won’t. : ) Haha! He was so funny. And just to get even, you had to listen to Grace sing on our call today!

And at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that that little boy and that little girl are the core – the very CENTER – of why we do what we do. The crazy messy balance of being a mama + work we love > anything else ever.


Emily & Lara

Don’t miss this awesome Making Brands Happen Webinar we’ve crafted. It’s chalk full of goodness for building a powerful, authentic brand from the ground up. Seats are near full for Part One: Get Branded this Wednesday. Brady and Grace may or may not make a surprise appearance.

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