Show Notes


Last month, we featured some good things that were happening around the world. We were so encouraged and inspired by all the stories that we wanted to do a similar post this month. There are so many good things happening all around us, friends! Let’s rid our minds of negativity and choose to focus on the good today.

  1. 91 Year Old Hospice Patient Knits Hats for Homeless
  2. NJ Police Officer Drives 650 Miles to Return Lost Dog
  3. Boy with Autism Recieves a Touching Letter After He Fails a Test 
  4. High School Cross Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs for a Run
  5. Neighbors Help Throw Block Party Wedding Outside Bride’s Childhood Home
  6. Police Surprise Drivers with Ice Cream Instead of Tickets
  7. Quadruple Amputee Toddler Gets Look-Alike American Girl Doll

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