Show Notes

Perspective changes everything, friends. With so much turmoil happening all around us, it’s far too easy for us to lose our focus. It seems like everywhere we turn there’s criticism, division, disease— the list goes on and on. But the truth is, no matter what our current situation, there are good things happening all around us. These things remind us of the hope, joy, and peace we can find when we cling to our faith in desperate times. We want to acknowledge the turmoil but dwell on the positive. We believe that when we shift our focus to concentrate on the good things happening all around us, our days become a little brighter, and we begin to set a good a good example for the next generation.

So, every so often, we like to share a few of our favorite uplifting stories that are happening around the world. These stories have encouraged and inspired us, and we hope they’ll do the same for you. Let’s change our perspective today.

  1. Couple Who Lost Two Children in a Crash Now Expecting Twins
  2. Boy Has a ‘Free Toy’ Stand for the Less Fortunate
  3. Drivers Stuck in Traffic Jam Make Snowmen on the Side of the Road
  4. Paralyzed Six-Year-Old Girl Takes First Steps
  5. Unique Charter School Offers Impressive Second Chance for Adults

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